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Do You Know What I Like?

I like when we're kissing, that long slow kind of kiss, and I feel your mouth soften, as if you're no longer trying to kiss - you're just feeling the kiss take you over.

I like how you respond to what I'm just about to do - Like when you sigh as I begin to undress you, or when you breath a soft, "please," as I lower my mouth between your thighs.

I like the way your eyes half-close as you concentrate on the feel of my hands moving over your bare skin.

I like the way your warmth and smell suffuse my senses when I kiss your neck and your hair falls over my face.

I like how you arch your back when I walk up behind you and wrap my arms around your body, whispering into your ear how much I'd like to fuck you.

I like that little hitch in your breath as I touch one of those sensitive spots - especially when you are talking, and for just a moment I make it impossible for you to speak.

I like how you are so careful about not scratching me with your fingernails or pulling my hair, but then you sometimes forget and I feel the bite of your nails in my skin or the sharp pain of your fingers clutching my hair and I know it's because you're beyond remembering such small things.

I like the sound of your sighs growing slowly louder and louder.

I like the look in your eyes that I've come to know as the "I want to suck your cock and there's nothing you can do about it" look.

I like watching you unzip my pants, feeling the agonizing anticipation of the moment when your fingers wrap around my cock.

I like reaching under your skirt and finding no underwear.

I like that you're always wet when I touch you, no matter when or where.

I like that you crave my fingers between your thighs.

I like that look in your eyes when you feel me push my hips between your legs, waiting hungrily for the touch of my cock against your wet cunt.

I like how you reach your hand between us, anxious to guide my tip inside of you.

I like the way you move with me.

I like the way you fuck.

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